‘The relationship is just as important as the order. Our commitment to flexibility and the value we place on every customer is what sets us apart. It’s how we base our success.’

-Nick McAvoy, Executive Vice President

Our Mission

Maryland Metals Processing, Inc. has been established with a primary mission of supporting our customers' needs with quality and prompt service foremost in mind. This mission shall be accomplished by the total commitment of our entire employee group with constant emphasis on continuous improvement thru process control, and training.

We are committed to value: best quality, excellent service, competitive pricing. Our management team and experienced labor force combine decades of talent and expertise to ensure customers' specifications will be met.

Who We Are

Founded in 1990, and expanded on since, Maryland Metals Processing, Inc. was designed as a one-stop center to meet all of your metal processing needs. Our innovative 165,000 square foot facility is set on 10.6 acres in Baltimore, Maryland.

Strategically positioned close to shipping ports, railroads and all major highways, our rail serviced facility provides our customers with easy access shipping anywhere in North America, as well as export locations throughout the world.

What We Do

It's simple - processing. Our sole focus is to provide independent toll processing to our vast customer base.

Our commitment to quality, and value, carries through to our commitment to superior equipment. We are continuously improving our machinery and capabilities.

‘Time is money if you're a processor. You need to be running 40 hours out of 40 hours. You need to cut your labor costs and you need to improve your quality. We say we are world class, and we put our money back into buying world class equipment.’

-Ken McAvoy, President & CEO

Our Team

Ken McAvoy, President & CEO

President & CEO

Ken McAvoy

Nick McAvoy, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Nick McAvoy

Don Borum, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Don Borum

Tim Smith, Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Tim Smith

Rob Heck, General Manager

General Manager

Rob Heck

Frank Sica, Production Manager

Production Manager

Frank Sica

Maryland Metals Processing, Inc.
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